Join Hoffman’s Bali Batik Club

What is the Hoffman Bali Batik Club?
We want to help you keep your customers inspired and coming back for more so we designed a Hoffman Bali Batik Club to do just that. Each month, we will send you 10 gorgeous bundles. You can always order more than 10 bundles, but they are sold in increments of 10. Each bundle contains 12 Hoffman Bali Batik Fat Quarters in a lovely seasonal color story. Each month, we will include a card in your shipment for a link to a free pattern that we think pairs well with the bundles.

Is it too late to start?
Don’t worry if you didn’t get started in January! You are welcome to join the club anytime, just let us know which month you would like to begin and we will make sure you get all 12 months in sequential order.

When do my bundles deliver?
Your bundles will deliver to your shop one month prior to the month they belong to. For example, February’s bundles will ship to you in January, while March’s bundles will ship to you in February.

Can I buy the bundles without being in the club?
Each month’s bundles can also be sold separately, without being in the club. If your store always carries a pink section of fabric in support of Breast Cancer, you are welcome to purchase our February bundles to fill up with pink. If your local high school’s color is green, you can purchase our March bundles in time for parents and grandparents to whip up graduation gifts for their high schooler. Just remember, you can buy any of these 12 bundles in increments of 10 at anytime.

Need some fun ideas to get you started?
Have your customers sign up for the year-long club in advance and get them committed to coming to the shop for a social time. Host a coffee party once a month to distribute the bundles to your club members and have them show off the projects made with the previous months’ bundles. Pair each bundle with a pattern and thread to enhance your customers’ experience and get them inspired to start a project.

Call us to join: 800-547-0100