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FAQS and Guidelines for Exhibitors

Exhibitor Rules and Requirements

Read all information prior to requesting, receiving, and shipping the displays, and communicate this information to anyone helping you with the display.

Keep all of the cardboard wrappings to re-ship and check with the curator to see where you will be shipping the container after your event.  Please check the exhibitor responsibilities documents below regarding receiving, displaying, and shipping the trunks.

Also, we are booking out several years, and are having record numbers of requests. If you have future dates, go to the Exhibitor Request below, and fill out the online request form. Remember, it is first come, first served.

Fees and Expenses

In order to receive a display for your event or shop, a nominal fee is required. Review the fee schedule for the challenge you're requesting. Fees are subject to change without notice.

You will also be required to pay for shipping to the next location. You must read and agree to the following:

The display must arrive at the next location by the date requested. We make every attempt to schedule enough time that the trunk can be shipped by ground, however due to your requested dates, occasionally a faster transport is required. Transport times can be checked at UPS and Fed Ex websites ( and

The exhibits are available for durations from one day to 14 days. If you require the exhibit for a longer duration, a second fee will be required, and your request will be honored based on availability.

These fees have changed from previous exhibits. Exhibitors will no longer be required to pay for shipping insurance, but we do advise you to insure each exhibit for $10,000 for the duration of your event. Contact the curator with questions.

We encourage you to pay the fee upon completing your paperwork. You will not be sent additional reminders, and failure to receive your fee 90 days prior to your exhibit may result in the exhibit being scheduled elsewhere. The exhibit will not be sent if payment is not received. Please make your check payable to Hoffman Fabrics if you do not pay with your application.

You may be required to ship to the next exhibitor (check with our curator for those instruction) by UPS or Fed Ex Ground. If your request cannot be honored because there is not enough time for ground shipment, you can elect to pay for air shipment before or after your exhibit dates in order to receive the exhibit.

We have experienced situations in which collections have not been received in time for events. A failure to ship in accordance with the traveling schedule is often the problem. You must ship by whatever method is required to assure that the exhibit is received in time for hanging. Actual show dates are given, as is a receive-by date. Should you fail to get the collection to the next exhibitor on time, you will be required to pay for their exhibit fees, and shipping to the exhibitor that follows them. Most exhibitors invest a lot in advertising and preparing for the display, and not receiving the exhibit creates multiple problems. Challenge entrants also frequently travel to see their entries and are highly disappointed if the exhibit does not arrive. Please research and correspond with the next exhibitor to reduce the risk that the trunk does not arrive in time for their event.


If you cancel a request for an exhibit, the cancellation must be received 30 or more days prior to your exhibit IN WRITING, or you will be responsible for the full fee. Refunds (less a $10 processing fee) will be provided for any exhibits cancelled in writing 30 or more days prior to your event.

Please Note: Individuals with items in the exhibit frequently visit the displays where their entries are shown. Last minute changes or a failure to include all items/signage in the display can be very distressing to the entrants.

Exhibitor Requirements

Please make every attempt to properly display each item and include all signage. Signs for every entry are included in the trunk, and a photo is included on the back of the sign. Please refer to this photo for proper placement of dolls/accessories.

Although we make every attempt to keep the website up to date, you are required to contact the curator before and after you to check for any changes. Hit your refresh button to view the latest calendar.

You are required to inventory the trunk upon receipt, and again prior to shipping the trunk to its next location. You are financially responsible for any missing items, including, but not limited to signage.

If any items are missing, damaged, or are incorrect (in the wrong trunk), notify the curator and the previous exhibitor immediately. Please contact the curator if the trunk is damaged or the items were not properly packed.

It is your responsibility to communicate all requirements to anyone helping you with the display. Any expenses associated with correcting mistakes made by your organization will be billed to you! For instance, you must pay for all shipping associated with returning misplaced items to their proper trunk.

Charges for damaged or missing items:

We reserve the right to exclude any exhibitor from receiving a Hoffman Challenge exhibit in the future. Failure to comply with any of the display requirements will mean your event will not receive future Hoffman Challenge displays.

Hoffman California Fabrics and the curator will not be responsible for loss of income due to failure to receive the exhibit.

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