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Hoffman 1895 Watercolor Club
"Winter Chill"
1895 FQAUTO-586-January
1895 FQAUTO-587-February
Good Luck
"Spring Green"
1895 FQAUTO-588-March
April Showers
"Fresh Air"
1895 FQAUTO-589-April
Mom's Favorite Merlot
"Wine Not"
1895 FQAUTO-590-May
Lemonade Stand
"Sweet Summertime"
1895 FQAUTO-591-June
Independence Day!
1895 FQAUTO-592-July
The Heat of Summer
"Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!"
1895 FQAUTO-593-August
Leaves are Falling
"Falling For You"
1895 FQAUTO-594-September
Trick or Treat
"Spooky Times"
1895 FQAUTO-595-October
Harvest Happenings
"Feeling Thankful"
1895 FQAUTO-596-November
Holiday Delight
"Tis' The Season"
1895 FQAUTO-597-December
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